Friday, 20 January 2012

Pappenheim Kurassiere

The first of the Imperialist cavalry I have painted was this unit, a few years back now. They are Renegade figures and, identical horse poses aside, are not bad figures. If I were not in an indescriminate haste to get started on this project, I would probably have mixed and matched a little, but hey ho!

These too are a bit of an enigma on the table. They started their career well, but I think the odd defeat in combat has got to them and they are on a bit of a downer at the moment.......This came to a head during the Steinkirche demo game. They were uphill, they were at full strength, they were fresh, they faced Baner's Lifeguard reduced to 67% through casualties, Baner charged, they countercharged, they routed! A full strength, veteran, Kurassier unit trounced by a few measly Swedes! Verdammten Schwedische!!! A pep talk is in order.............

The command section at the head of the column

And again

The tail of the same column, somewhere in Saxony perhaps. I have tipped a quick nod to the most basic level of uniformity with the sashes, but breeches, saddlecloths, leatherwork, etc., are as varied as I fancied, as with all my Imperialists.

That battle, that ignominious defeat.......Baner's Lifeguard offstage to the right. Shame on the novice (aka Nephew Paul) who deployed them in a long, thin line. Given their recent performances, however, I doubt a more Kurassier-friendly formation would have helped much.

And crumch!!! (And defeat......) At least Nephew Paul arranged them in a more reasonable order first.

Another head of column shot
I love Kurassiere/ Cuirassiers in any period. They are probably why I only field Continental European armies in Horse & Musket games. That and the fact that I hate painting red.

I noticed in the penultimate photo above that Pappenheim were flanked by the Hagen Arquebusiers. I wonder if contagion really is an issue for wargames units............see the next post for more on this line of thought.


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