Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sci-Fi Figure Samples

Alongside the vehicles, and obviously as an accompaniment, I painted up some old figures (Fantasy Forge and Denizen). More will follow.

Collectively known as "The Gribblies", these genetic experiments have a clear heritage and a VERY bad attitude!

Every veteran squad needs a clean cut, all-American boy to lead them....Or a scarred, psychotic, drug-addled professional killer at least.


 Some more of the mercenaries, hardened characters all, ready to sell themselves dearly for corporate profit or, if all else fails, some vague cause or other. I have painted enough for two evenly-equipped squads.

Leader K'Hiff and colleague
RPG K'Hiff alongside Sniper K'Hiff

Blooper K'Hiff

Las-rifle K'Hiff
The K'Hiff are a bit like the Smurfs or perhaps the Spice Girls. They do not have names as such (to me at least), but descriptions. I am not sure what dogmen would choose to call each other in truth.......Rowlf? Wufus? Barka?


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