Saturday, 21 January 2012


And now for something completely different.........

Well, not quite, as they are still Thirty Years' War, but different in that they are Easterners, skirmishers, do not speak German as a first language and dress funny.

I wanted some of these iconic light cavalry, but do not have a good feel for using such types in any period (do not get me started on the Numidians in my 15mm Carthaginian army!). However, the Imperialists had them and so do I! I usually race them up the table to draw out enemy horse, shoot a few figures with their carbines/ musketoons/ arquebusses, and then chase off somewhere else to do the same again, assuming there are enough of them left. They are nuisance rather than menace, gnat rather than dirty great wasp. As I have said before, I am a Kurassier/ Cuirassier at heart.

One day they WILL be glorious. I will post their glory for all to see when that day comes!!!

Again, these are Old Glory figures.

This flag is unique amongst my Thirty Years' War armies in that it is painted on calico. I did this firstly to try out the technique and secondly because of the odd shape leaving me dubious about being able to recreate it with a sticky label. I wish I had used cloth flags from the start, as I love the technique now I have tried it for my 1690 regiments.

Slightly closer and less glare from my usual gloss varnish on the flag is another bonus.

Steinkirche again, with the Croats arriving late along with the Schwarze Kurassiere. They did their job however. The Imperialist hearts leapt at the reinforcements (carefully timed to be largely useless!) and the Swedish hearts sank at the enemy to their rear. I love a bit of psychological warfare in my wargames!
I will add a few more entries to this section of the blog shortly, but feel a move back in time is in order soon. The Swiss are coming. Can Charles the Bold withstand the shock?


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