Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sci-Fi Vehicle Samples

I have, for several months now since I rediscovered the Stargrunt 2 rules on the GZG website, had a hankering for a small, skirmish level sci-fi campaign. To that end, I dug out a few 28mm miniatures and bits that I bought years ago for just such an eventuality and set to over a quiet couple of weekends. The figures are a mixture, from Fantasy Forge (long since defunct) to GZG and Denizen. To add to these few bits, I have a few more GZG vehicles and props, some Ainsty stuff and I have recently purchased the Wargames Factory Shock Troops and Heavy Weapons boxes. There is loads more out there, such as Pig Iron, Old Crow, etc., that may one day join the ranks, but I am (for once) starting small.

See what you think. I will post pics of the figures and other bits I have painted so far separately.


Three shots of my "large truck", a GZG offering which I think is no longer available. Not sure about the glass colour. I see this model as a sort of wheeled SHADO Interceptor (oh, happy childhood, though that is one Corgi model I did not own)

"Large truck's" smaller friend, again 28mm GZG and no longer available (I think). The numbers are painted on, the symbol is a WH40K transfer. I must try harder at painting camouflage, as I am not entirely happy wth the results.

Ainsty Castings crashed shuttle - still available!!! GW transfers again, the numbers from the original Rhino kit of 20-odd years ago.

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