Sunday, 15 January 2012

Munich (Ebersberg) Regiment

More Imperialists, this time the first regiment I painted for my Thirty Years' War collection. The striped flag is a typical Munich flag, featured in various sources with different numbers of stripes and variations on the pattern, if not the colours, but the green and white standard is a "what if", being more the modern suburb of Ebersberg I think, but I like it.

This regiment seems to perform well, but the first outing I logged was at last month's Wargamer show in Birmingham. During the Swedish assault on the Imperialist camp, Munich (Ebersberg) broke Hepburn's Scots on the right of the Protestant line and turned in to roll up the Swedish line, starting with Schlammersdorf's, but the game was up by then and they pulled off in good order. The mishandled Swedish cavalry should have been able to neutralise them, but, as I said, "mishandled..."

Munich (Ebersberg) in line, defending the road junction.

They look like they mean business!!!

Bavarian infantry officer. As can be seen, they are pretty well equipped, but uniforms are not a high priority.

The entire unit, organised 1:1 pike to shot. All figures are Renegade Miniatures.

Another close-up.

And not forgetting the musketeers, even if the flags are in with the pikes.

Erich von Bierstein again. And I painted eyes!!!!!

A shot from Steinkirche (Wargamer show, 11th Dec 2011). Munich (Ebersberg) march down hill to confront Hepburn's Scots, with Pappenheim urging them on.

Another "Wargamer" shot, as Munich (Ebersberg) rouse themselves early when the alarm is raised, backed by Nuremberg.
Hope you enjoy.



  1. Quite a pretty unit! Is the flag as glossy in reality as it appears in the second to last picture?

    What rule set are they based for?

    1. Rob,

      Only until I finally get around to matt varnishing the whole collection!


  2. A great looking unit, love the flags!!!

    1. Ray,

      Thanks again for the feedback. Just seen your Huguenots flags - most interesting take on the theme. Oh for a time machine! What make are your Russo-Japanese figures? Very nice too by the way.


  3. They're from Old Glory, they're not bad figures, if a little fiddley to paint.